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Jennifer Foley



Prior to joining First Arkansas Insurance in 2004, Jennifer was a medic in the Air Force, stationed in Oklahoma.  Before volunteering for the military she had many years of experience in customer service in the financial industry.  After joining Village Insurance, a division of First Arkansas Insurance,Jennifer earned her Certified Insurance Service  Representative (CISR) designation and her Insurance license.  Jennifer works in support of the Hot Springs Village agents and directly with all of their customers.

Hot Springs:

  • 175 Harmony Park Circle, Suite B
  • P.O.Box 22270
  • Hot Springs,AR 71903-2270
  • 501-525-2600
  • Fax 501-525-2622

Hot Springs Village:

  • 710 De Soto Blvd, Suite G
  • Hot Springs Village,AR 71909
  • 501-922-1800
  • Fax 501-922-2457

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